Burgundy Brigade – Home

cropped-Burg_Brig_Logo5.jpgThe Burgundy Brigade is a grass roots movement to bring passionate and enthusiastic Colorado Avalanche fans together.

It was started at the end of the 2010 NHL season by a group of fans who wished to unite and return excitement Colorado Avalanche fans.

The mission of The Burgundy Brigade is to bring passion and enthusiasm into Pepsi Center through interactive events, and to support and grow the game of hockey in the state of Colorado.

In addition to interactive events, we hope to be your source for everything Colorado Avalanche related and will provide team content such as game recaps, practice reports, team-related articles, as well as The Burgundy Brigade Podcast. We realize that there are many Colorado Avalanche fans outside of the Denver area who wish to stay informed about the team, and we are making it our goal to do that.

We have one of the greatest hockey communities in the country and The Burgundy Brigade endeavors to be a way for all of those fans to unite under the common love for the game of hockey and for the Colorado Avalanche.