Join the Brigade

How to join The Burgundy Brigade.

Fill out the following information below in an e-mail and send it to us. It’s as easy as that.

There is no cost to join The Burgundy Brigade, nor are you required to attend any of our events. Naturally, we would love to see you at as many events as humanly possible, but we understand that you might not be able to come to a game or other events for any variety of reasons.

What do you get for joining?

You will receive our newsletter, which includes updates about the website, podcasts, information about events, and even possible discount codes for Burgundy Brigade items through our partner, 5280 Shirt Shop.

You will receive first crack at our Burgundy Brigade Games for the Avs at The Pepsi Center. These tickets are generally at a discounted rate. Do you have to sit with us at the game? Not necessarily, but we would absolutely love it if you did.

You will also belong to a passionate core of hockey fans as we unite to not only bring our passion for our team into The Pepsi Center, but also use our passion to help grow the game of hockey in our community.

Thanks for joining us, and as always, Go Avs Go!